Week 10 – Pointe is hard, Jazz is fun

It had to be done
It had to be done

I never expected it to be easy, but damn pointe is hard. Two questions are running through my head: How on earth do ballerina’s make pointe shoes look like an extension of their feet? How do they make themselves look so light?

I am thankful that my pointe shoes don’t hurt (yet), but I honestly can’t imagine looking like an ethereal being anytime soon.

I danced a bit in the centre on pointe this week, doing relevés, eschappes, sous sous and pas de bourrees. I guess that is an achievement, but sometimes I feel like my teacher is pushing me a little too hard. I don’t feel ready to do these types of things away from the barre… why can’t I have a child’s confidence back?!

After class on Tuesday my teacher asked if I wanted to come again the next day for the earlier class. Of course I said yes! Who would say no to a free ballet class?

It’s strange going to another class. I felt the same way after easter when I went to the Thursday class. I kind of felt like I was intruding, like I was maybe cheating my normal class group (which is ridiculous!).

Wednesday’s class has a younger demographic. When I heard that a few of the girls in the class were just finishing their high school exams I felt old. I finished high school 10 years ago… where did the time go?! Though, I wouldn’t give anything to be in their shoes..my high school exams still give me nightmares.

The class was fun and my pirouettes went well. I haven’t trained them for about 2 weeks now, and surprise surprise, I didn’t forget how to pirouette! I think a major help has been the fact that I started wearing my contact lenses again. I tried to convince myself for a long time that my sight wasn’t that bad, but I can really tell the difference. It helps with spotting immensely!

As if a bonus ballet class wasn’t enough, my teacher invited me to stay for the jazz class because there was only one student.

I never danced jazz as a child. I did take tap because it was straight after my ballet class.

I have to say, it was really fun! I think partly because we danced to Backstreet Boys, but also because I didn’t put any pressure on myself. I let myself have fun.

I also couldn’t help but notice the „ballerina“ in me. I kept reverting to a turned out first position instead of parallel, and I had a lot of trouble keeping my arms relaxed…they kept flicking up into a position between second and bras bas…

In non-ballet related news… I think I might have gotten myself a job. I got offered a job working as an English Native Speaker at a private Preschool over the phone. I’m just waiting on the contract so I know it’s real. I’ve had such a bad luck streak with jobs lately.. so I am remaining pessimistic that it’s true.

I guess it is a little bit ballet related in that I might be able to take more ballet classes a week! How I will find the energy, I don’t know.

I’ll definitely miss my afternoon naps…

Till next week!

5 Gedanken zu “Week 10 – Pointe is hard, Jazz is fun

  1. The ballerina in me always comes out, too! I always find myself doing „ballet hands“, standing in turnout instead of parallel, and if I put my arms over my head I almost want to do a high fifth position.
    Even weirder, for the longest time everytime I stood in front of a mirror I compulsively stood in preparation before realizing ‚I’m not at ballet class‘ LOL.


  2. Yikes, if you don’t feel like you’re ready to go in centre yet I don’t think you should do it! Although it could just be a confidence thing, I still think it’d important to progress and transition slowly from barre to centre for beginners. Have you talked to your teacher about it?

    Btw congrats on the new job!


    1. I think for the moment I’m ok with what I am doing away from the barre.. but if she didn’t encourage me than I probably would have stayed on the barre.

      I’ll definitely try and speak up if it gets too much..

      Thanks for your advice 🙂


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