Week 11 – and time goes by so slowly


I honestly can’t believe it is only week 11. I don’t mean that in a negative light, it’s more that it feels so much longer. I think if I hadn’t started blogging, than these past 11 weeks would have seemed more like 20 and I would have been left wondering what I had achieved in that time.

It makes me ponder where I will be at by week 52!

Ballet class on Tuesday felt pretty standard, besides the fact that it was my birthday. What else is a ballet obsessed girl meant to do?

Birthday cake am Rhein
Birthday cake am Rhein

My aunty sent me the perfect card from Australia with the perfect present! A new pair of bloch booty shorts and some leg warmers (which I will definitely need for the next European winter!).

A most appropriate birthday card
A most appropriate birthday card

My boyfriend bought me my first pointe shoes, and I bought myself a course of ballet classes at a different studio.

Coincidently, these classes start this Sunday and I am pretty excited! It is an open class for students with prior knowledge. I guess that could mean anyone (please no babies).

I started working on my abs/core the last week and I think it might just be the answer to most of my problems. Every time I look up something like „falling out of pirouettes“ „how to get better balance“ etc etc the answer always seems to be „you need a strong core“. So that is what I am going to do.

I have been subscribed to blogilates on youtube for ages, but have never been motivated enough to click on a video, let alone do the workout. However, this time I am determined!!

Starting on Friday I am going to do the 30 Day Abs Challenge. Friday is my first day at my new job, so I thought it would be good to ease into the routine.

Although payday is still a month away, I am already thinking about the new ballet gear I want to buy (after getting a new vacuum cleaner of course…)

Until next week!

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