Week 12 – Kindergarten Teacher by day, Ballet student by night


Two new things happened this week – I started a new job and I started a new ballet class. This combination makes for a very tired imitationballerina.

Even as I type this blog I keep staring off into the distance.

Sunday’s class was great. I was maybe a little overdressed because most people had comfortable workout clothes on while I had the old black leo, booty shorts and pink tights combination. I don’t care…

We focused a lot on technique and the teacher really reinforced everything I have been reading online. The main things I remember her telling us were to make sure we:
– engage our back muscles and move our arms with the back muscles
– plié with control and not just drop down
– don’t rely on the barre by making sure we are able to take our hand away at any moment and still be able to balance

I really enjoyed the exercises she gave us and the music was fantastic! It was really nice to have a change from my normal ballet class. Plus, the studio was beautiful (and it sure better be based on the price I paid!!)

I contacted the teacher a while ago over facebook to ask about private lessons (particularly to work on pirouettes). She told me that she usually likes to see the student in class before having a private with them. So, here I am taking her classes. There are only four classes in total, and they are every second week (sadly).  At the end of the class she asked everyone if they would be interested in learning pirouettes and everyone said yes. Will this teacher have all the answers to my pirouette problems????

This week in my regular class we changed our exercise combination. As I said in one of my previous blogs, we do the same set of combinations for 6 weeks and then we change. I really liked the exercises we did during the last 6 weeks, but sadly this weeks set of combinations didn’t come naturally. Maybe I was tired, maybe I was unmotivated, whatever it was I hope that I will change my mind next week.

The main issue I am having with the current set of combinations is that about 4 out of 6 combinations have at least one pirouette in them. I have a love hate relationship with pirouettes.. I want to love them so bad, but they don’t love me back.

I am also sad to report that I forgot to do the ab challenge on one day…I did add that days ab exercises onto the next day..but it isn’t the same thing :p can I get an F-A-I-L

As I look at the time and wonder when it is appropriate for an adult to go to bed (it is currently 7:38pm), I think it is the perfect time to end my blog. Please excuse the more than normal mistakes!

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