Week 110 – Saying Goodbye

Tuesday this week marked my final class at my old studio. It felt a bit weird.

Every combination I did reminded me that it would be the last time I would have to do it. If I messed it up, there was no second chance next week.

It didn’t bother me too much.

I mentioned to a few of the other girls in class, who I don’t talk to that often, that I am leaving. One woman said „You’re joking right?“

They asked why, and I just said that I have another class on Thursdays and I don’t have time anymore.

I’m not sure they bought it.

Anyway, I originally thought of skipping pointe and leaving after class. That way the teacher could start directly with rehearsing the recital piece.

However, the woman who is doing the pointe piece on her own asked me to stay. So I decided to stay just for barre.

After Pointe Barre I went up to my teacher and thanked her for everything and said goodbye. She said that it was a shame I was leaving.

I said that I would definitely come and watch the recital. She said „No, you should be doing it with us!“

I just laughed.

And that was it.

I left the studio I had been at for the past two years.

I felt a sense of relief.

This decision had been bugging me for ages.

That also happened to be my last ballet class for the next couple of weeks because of the school holidays.

I was meant to go to class on Thursday, but I felt too sick.

I felt so sick that I basically stayed in bed for the next few days.

I think I might do a couple of Kathryn Morgan’s classes at home once I feel better so I’m not too out of shape after the easter holiday break!

Hope you all had a happy and healthy week!


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