Week 114 – School, Comfi, and Germany’s next top model

Part and parcel of taking class with teens is that the topic of conversation often drifts away from ballet.

As a result, I have heard way more than I wanted to about school life, preparing for confirmation, and about who the favourites are for Germany’s next top model.

I guess that is the sacrifice I have to make if I want to take class with people who are 10 years younger than me!

My teacher mentioned this week that we had now run through all the exercises for Intermediate Foundation. Well, at least all the exercises on flat.

I know the other girls in the class have pointe class as well during the week, so I am assuming the teacher might be rehearsing the pointe parts with them.

Nonetheless, I am still doing some pointe work at home. The „My Beginner Pointe“ DVD suggests doing stage 1 for a minimum of two times a week for 6 months. I just hit the 4 month mark.

I can feel myself getting a lot stronger in terms of not only strength itself, but technique. I made a lot of improvement when I realised that when I had my barre in front of the mirror I tended to look down at what my feet were doing. This threw my balance off.

My barre is still in front of the mirror, but I now make a conscious effort not to look unless necessary.

You might remember from a few weeks ago that I wanted to get new Gaynors. Well, the shop said they would order them and send me the invoice in the next few days. It’s been 6 weeks and no invoice! I email them again..but I haven’t received a reply.

I hope everything is ok with them!

I guess I need to call.

Sorry about the very very late post this week. I am meant to be working part time at my new job, but I have full time hours at the moment.

Hope you all had a lovely week!


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