Week 116 – No ballet, No Gaynors

It’s been a bad week for ballet over here.

Having no class for 2 weeks has really taken a toll on me.

It feels like with every class I have missed I have lost a part of my motivation.

I am still concentrating at home on my two big goals, pirouettes and pointe.

I really have no excuses. If I couldn’t make it to class because of public holidays or whatever reason, I could have taken a Kathryn Morgan at home class.

I emailed my teach about the missed classes, and asked if there was any way to take a different class to make up for it. I mean, I did pay for those classes after all. She said no problem.

Hopefully I can find a way to recover them.

I also don’t understand if I am still meant to pay for my classes every month even during the summer holidays. Thats going to be 6 weeks worth of classes!

I will have to find out.

On the Gaynor Minden front, I haven’t heard anything.

I called the shop today and the girl on the phone wasn’t sure what I was talking about. I guess I didn’t explain myself well, but it seems like she couldn’t find my name in the system.

She suggested emailing again, so i’ll do that again now.

Hope you all had a more motivating week!


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